March — President's Letter

Happy March, Coastal Georgia NAWIC members!

Can you believe we’re already at WIC Week 2019? Women In Construction Week is one of our most anticipated ‘events’ of the NAWIC year and when we started planning it months ago, it seemed SO FAR AWAY!! And now, here we are. Another chance to share the message, spirit and positivity of being a member of the National Association of Women in Construction thorough our active involvement with this incredible Coastal Georgia Chapter. Take a moment to reflect on and offer gratitude to all the women who’ve paved this path for us and who continue to do so each and every month, year after year.

Coming off a fantastic 2019 ‘kick off’ meeting January 22nd, with our guests from Symbioscity, Pat Mathis Construction and the City of Savannah, focused on the in-process new Savannah Arena project and an incredible meeting February 26th featuring our own Tonya Reed on the Power of NAWIC and the incomparable Marjorie Young speaking on Making Connections that Last, we jump right into WIC Week!

WIC Week 2019 is March 3-9 and we’ve planned all five work days with FUN activities and events to make YOU “Be the Power in Your Success,” NAWIC’s WIC week slogan for 2019. Kickoff is Monday, March 4th and it’s a Media Blitz to tweet, post and share info on what’s coming for the week. Tuesday, March 5th is an exclusive Job Site Tour at St. Joseph/Candler’s new Pooler Micro Hospital. Wednesday, March 6th is a craft-builder’s dream at our evening AR Workshop. Thursday, March 7th is Wear Red to Work Day and Friday, March 8th is our annual NAWIC Scholarship Breakfast at B. Matthews where we’ll also do our raffle drawing. As always, SHOW UP for best results ☺

Last month, I mentioned that Savannah is brimming with construction (and related) business opportunities … more than I can recall in years past. If you missed it, check out this link to review current projects in planning. What are YOU doing to seize your share? Business doesn’t just land in our laps – generally – but it comes to those who actively seek to build the relationships that secure our shot at getting projects. We have to be OUT THERE to meet the right people and be considered. I hope you’re not passively just counting on ‘the usual suspects’ to feed your pipeline, because it’s a changing climate out there and as opportunities grow, so does competition!

If you are one of those members who’s been planning WIC week, working hard to ensure an incredible experience for our membership and our community, BRAVO! However, if you are just a ‘little bit’ involved, a ‘sometimer’ or even really on the sidelines in NAWIC, please engage with us! Just call me or any board member and we’ll happily “voluntold” you for something great. Don’t wait – we need you, we want you, and we promise you’ll get more than you give if you truly make the commitment to get involved and stay involved. With NAWIC, like most anything else worth having, giving means getting MORE back!

Pledge MORE time, MORE energy and MORE focus to your NAWIC chapter … starting now. Sign up for those WIC week events and SHOW UP! NAWIC’s mission is as crucial today as it’s ever been and how can you lose if you join forces with your NAWIC sisters to build your business and our community.

As I’ve stated before, it is truly an honor and a privilege to be part of NAWIC Coastal Georgia #380 and I am excited about 2019 … let’s make this our best NAWIC year ever!