NAWIC is an international association of women employed in construction which promotes that industry and supports the advancement of women within it.


To support women in the construction industry through professional development, business opportunity and community outreach and mentoring programs. 

Whether you want to embark on a new career, establish a networking base, be a mentor/mentee, make a difference in your community, continue your education, or invest in great friendships—NAWIC offers a variety of opportunities—large and small.

In my 24 years as a member, NAWIC has taught me the basics of really strong friendships, camaraderie, organization and public speaking.
— Linda Harris, Las Vegas Chapter


  • To unite for their mutual benefit women who are actively employed in the various sectors of the construction industry;

  • To promote cooperation, fellowship, and a better understanding among members of the Association;

  • To promote education and contribute to the betterement of the construction industry;

  • To encourage women to pursue and establish their careers in the construction industry; and

  • To provide members with an awareness of the legislative process and legislation as it relates to the construction industry.