Enhance your EMPLOYEES with NAWIC



  • Through NAWIC membership, your employee will increase her knowledge of the industry by associating with members employed in all phases of the construction industry. 

  • Monthly chapter meetings, annual conventions and regional forums provide opportunities for association and a strong communication network for developing and broadening valuable business contacts for your firm through your employee. 

  • NAWIC members are updated on pending legislation, both locally and nationally, through the Legislative Industry Issues Committee. 

  • The Association's special interest councils for business and management, professional services, tradeswomen and owners, as well as various committees, such as Safety and Health Awareness, Professional Education and Legislative Industry Issues, encourage the member to participate in her area of individual expertise. They also expand your employee's knowledge by support from other members with similar specializations. 

  • More than 30 associations work with NAWIC to share resources, aggressive problem resolutions, and safety training and practices. Together, we create a more positive image of not only the industry in general, but also of the role of women in the non-traditional field of' construction. 

Through Liaisons and Partnering Agreements 

  • NAWIC's first partnering agreement was signed in October 1993 with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to promote and enhance the role of women in the construction industry. 

  • NAWIC's partnering agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor signed in September 1994 provides access to grant applications and involvement with the Department's programs served by the Women's Bureau, Glass Ceiling Commission, Employment and Training Administration, Small Business and Minority Affairs and OSHA. 

  • A partnering agreement with the Associated Builders and Contractors(ABC)allows NAWIC members and firms to participate in ABC's Construction Education Foundation modular program,"Wheelof Learning," and provides access to ABC's national legislative updates. 

  • NAWIC is an active participant in the coalition initiated by the Associated General Contractors of America Inc.(AGC)to define intergovernmental programs, laws and regulations adverse to the construction industry and to build a consensus on successful strategies to address major legislative issues. 

  • Representatives from NAWIC have been appointed to serve on committees of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials(AASHTO)and the National Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health. 


  • As a NAWIC member, your employee can participate in the educational programs developed by the NAWIC Education Foundation. 

  • Courses in the fundamentals of construction terminology, processes, procedures and technology provide the member with an overview of the industry. 

  • Other courses include topics, such as drawings, specifications, estimating and scheduling, that cover the interpretation of information conveyed from architects and engineers to contractors by way of a legal document and implementation of that fundamental understanding. 

  • The Foundation also offers two certification programs recognizing participants as Certified Construction Associates(CCA)and/or Construction Industry Technicians(CIT). 

  • An important focus of the Foundation is to concentrate on kindergarten through l2th grade education processes for all young people, with primary emphasis on exposing children to career opportunities available in construction. 

  • More than 11,000 students participate each year in the Foundation's award-winning National Block Kids Contest, which promotes construction education at the grade school level. The CAD/Design/Drafting Competition is offered at the junior high/middle school and high school levels. 

  • The NAWIC Founders' Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships each year to students pursuing degrees in construction-related fields with at least one year of course study remaining. 


  • Many NAWIC chapters have established scholarships and financial awards for students in their areas who are pursuing degrees in the various fields of construction. 

  • Local NAWIC chapters initiate and complete construction projects that benefit the industry and the community, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Phoenix, Ariz., chapters Construction Dictionary, which is now in its eighth edition with more than 82,000 volumes sold. 

  • Chapter members have built blueprint reading rooms, renovated public service buildings and conducted construction safety workshops. Chapters and regions have united to create and participate in flood and disaster relief programs. 

  • Local NAWIC projects may benefit your company directly or indirectly but, most importantly, can involve you and your employee as you work together on behalf of the industry. 

  • As an employer, your support of NAWIC as a corporate affiliate or by sponsoring your employees as either chapter or individual members will bring you recognition as a supporter of women in the non-traditional field of construction.


  • NAWIC chapters conduct career day seminars in local schools and communities to encourage young men and women to enter the world of construction. 

  • Many chapters participate in job fairs to recruit women who are interested in changing careers and to provide information about educational and training requirements for both traditional and non-traditional construction opportunities.

How can an employer participate in NAWIC?

  • Your company can show its support of women in construction by becoming a Corporate Affiliate with a sponsorship of $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500 or $5,000. 

  • Acquaint yourself with the many benefits of your employee's membership in NAWIC. 

  • Encourage your female employees to join NAWIC. Your endorsement will generate interest among other employees. 

  • Share your knowledge and experience in construction by participating in local chapter activities. 

  • Support your female employees in NAWIC by paying their dues as you do for other employees of your firm who belong to professional organizations. 

  • Become a Chapter Corporate Member of NAWIC. Your company can hold one or more memberships and designate female employees to represent your firm at meetings, regional forums and national conventions. NAWIC membership dues may be tax deductible as a business expense. Check with your accountant.